Axiom is Chosen to Assist in Securing Student History for Unified School District

high schoolAxiom is proud to have been chosen to work with a local unified school district with the digitization of their student transcripts. Student transcripts will date back to the beginnings of the 13 individual high schools within the district.

Transcripts Tell a Story

Former students request transcripts when applying for entrance into higher education institutions. A transcript is a record of the classes a student was enrolled in and the grades they achieved. They are also captured moments in time, displaying not only the academic performance, but in some cases the photo of the student.

Staff and education agencies can use the electronic versions to continue to maintain records for longer periods of time than the original paper versions. The decades old paper stock already shows signs of degradation with faded ink, yellowing and physical deterioration.

Axiom will also provide indexing of the files for easier search ability and digital organization within the database. Axiom staff will be performing the work at each school site, allowing the schools to retain full control and oversight of their legacy documents.

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