Turn Your Paper Docs into Business Data, Part 3

How Do Scanned Documents Directly Affect You?

I used to love my customer rewards card from the supermarket. Just show up, scan the card, and get a discount on my bag of chips and a few other things I was buying. What a great idea, right?

Then, I grew to hate my card. I believed that the supermarket was stalking me, tracking my every purchase and selling the information to nefarious companies, stuffing my mailbox with junk mail.

Now, I love my card again, but for a different reason. The information they gather about my buying habits, combined with those of 98,000 other people in town, allows the supermarket manager to understand trends and forecast more accurately than ever before. This reduces cost for the chain overall, which trickles down to me and my bag of chips. With better, more accurate information available, better decisions can be made in less time. It’s that simple.

“What’s your point, Tim?”

I’ll tell you. Once you have scanned your stuff and made it searchable with metadata and OCR, you are able to ask similar questions about your business information. With paper documents in a cabinet, you can’t easily know how many customers filled out their medical surveys or quickly identify the insurance forms from January. With business data, you can get that answer much faster. This may seem pedantic, (check out the big data report associated with this link) but with the knowledge of how your business works and a little imagination, you can start to see ways to speed processes up, save cost and get a tangible competitive advantage in your marketplace.

All this from taking the first step of scanning your stuff. Not bad…

Author Tim Peregoy has nearly 20 years in the digital records management industry. Feel free to leave your comments below

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